Scare me day!

chaudron halloween

The Castle of Aigle will give young and old alike a fright for the most frightening day of the year!

Scary workshops and horror animations for children during the day. The majestic setting of the castle and its strange creatures will certainly give visitors a fright. Nerves are put to the test and everyone is on their guard from the moment they enter.

Workshops upon registration:

– Vampire-bat: creation of a cardboard bat
– Ghost puppet: creation of a ghost floating on a stick
– The witch and her cat : creation of a witch and a cat with handprints
– Candy spider: creating a cardboard spider that forms a candy bag
– Pumpkin mask: creating a pumpkin mask from cardboard
– Bats in their cave: creation of a jar containing a cave and its stalagmites in which a little bat is staying
– The Witch’s Den: preparation of potions at the top of the tower, in the heart of the witch’s den
– Why you should be afraid: Horrific theatre animation for children from 8 years old

Workshop times: 11am | 12pm | 1pm | 2pm | 3pm

Registration required on 024 466 21 30 or

Price: CHF 10 per child | CHF 5 per adult

From 6 years old

COVID certificate required for those over 16


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