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It happens at the Castle


Temporary exhibitions, animations for children, visits and aperitif for adults or even events and theme days: it's all happening at Aigle Castle!

Meuble salle des Communes
Le Château


Situated in the heart of the vineyards of Aigle, the 12th century castle is a ture marvel, first of all by its location at the foot of the Vaud Alps. Like a natural wall, the vines protect the entrance to the site and roll out their carpet before being guided through the historic site.

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It happens at the Castle


Temporary exhibitions

This year, drawing is in the spotlight at Aigle Castle! (suite…)

Ailyos Art Nature

The region of Aigle, Leysin and the Col des Mosses proposes the 5th edition of Ailyos Art Nature, an art gallery with temporal and natural works. (suite…)

Les Nécrosophes par la Compagnie Bleu Café

The Bleu Café Company invites you to discover "Les Nécrosophes" during this first stage of work. (suite…)

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Vine, Wine and Wine Label


Discover what it is like to live like a prince! In the heart of the vineyards, wine is king and stretches its vines for an interactive visit. The Vine, Wine and Label Museum reveals the secrets of Dionysu' beverage before tasting it in the vineyards.


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